COVID Crisis: We’ve got your back

It’s remarkable how the world has changed in a matter of a few weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent the world into a panic. Health systems that were already overworked and on the edge have struggled to cope with the rapid spread of cases from China’s Wubei province outward. The World Health Organization’s pandemic declarationContinue reading “COVID Crisis: We’ve got your back”

The world is your oyster : We’ve got your back

By far the #1 reason our president, Chris, loves to travel is for the learning. Seeing first-hand where and how people live/work/play. Getting close-up to what is important to them. Tasting daily life — challenges and all. That’s the power of travel done right. Working with embassies also provides great learning opportunities – for usContinue reading “The world is your oyster : We’ve got your back”