NEWS RELEASE: January 30, 2020

WINSTON WILMONT LAUNCHES NEW WEB SERVICE FOR VISITORS TO OTTAWA, CANADA OTTAWA, ON (Jan. 8) – Visitors to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, now have a new e-tool to help them make the most of their time in our vibrant, growing city. Winston Wilmont, the bilingual, Ottawa-based public affairs consultancy, is today launching Capital Concierge by WinstonContinue reading “NEWS RELEASE: January 30, 2020”

On visit & event management: We’ve got your back

It felt like an a-ha moment. I was sitting recently with the commercial counsellor at an embassy based here in Ottawa. She mentioned an upcoming trade mission she is organizing. More than a dozen high-level industry leaders will be coming to Ottawa later this year looking for ways to strengthen ties with, and grow theirContinue reading “On visit & event management: We’ve got your back”

On media relations & issues management: We’ve got your back

Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine was having a really bad week. Likely the worst week of his professional life. He had done some admittedly dumb stuff years ago. It was stuff he’d grown to regret because he had matured and he had long since changed his ways. He had the benefit of hindsight,Continue reading “On media relations & issues management: We’ve got your back”

On Advocacy: We’ve got your back

Letting you in on a little secret: Our president, Chris, hates braggards…and he isn’t terribly good at talking himself up. He’s always preferred – and excelled at –telling others’ stories. He loves rallying people to a cause. Moving people to act. He’s great at connecting people and opportunities. In other words, advocacy is his jam.Continue reading “On Advocacy: We’ve got your back”

On MarComms: We’ve got your back

“Just do it.” “Because you’re worth it.” “Finger lickin’ good.” “I’m loving it.” Sound familiar? These well-known brand tag-lines are just four of the more than 3,000 marketing messages you likely encounter every single day. In our highly mediatized, highly connected world, marketing is truly everywhere. (In fact, Forbes suggests the average American adult mayContinue reading “On MarComms: We’ve got your back”

On Strategy: We’ve got your back

Businesses have been told to adapt or die since the turn of the millennium (at least), with those that fail being swept into the ‘dustbins of oblivion.’ Since then, the pace of STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political) change has only increased. The need to adapt is even less of a choice today; it’sContinue reading “On Strategy: We’ve got your back”

NEWS RELEASE: January 8, 2020

WINSTON WILMONT RECIEVES IMPORTANT, PRESTIGIOUS CERTIFICATION OTTAWA, ON (Jan. 8) – Winston Wilmont’s journey as a supplier of choice to purpose-driven organizations that want to change the world for the better today takes a major step forward. The bilingual, Ottawa-based public affairs consultancy is now certified by Canadian Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) asContinue reading “NEWS RELEASE: January 8, 2020”

On Hindsight, Hard Work + Appreciation

This past fall, my partner and I crossed an item off our travel ‘bucket list’ by spending three fabulous weeks touring Japan. Japan didn’t disappoint: it’s marvelously rich with history and culture. We got to see a lot of it firsthand. One place that really impressed me is Yamadera — a cluster of Buddhist shrinesContinue reading “On Hindsight, Hard Work + Appreciation”

The coming Parliament

Canadians have spoken. Unwilling to give any federal party the power that comes with a parliamentary majority, Canada’s political leaders will have to work together to move agendas forward and get anything done. Party leaders of all stripes are doing post-mortems on their campaigns. What worked, what didn’t – it will all be dissected andContinue reading “The coming Parliament”

The power of ideas

Ideas power change. Big ideas can change the world. As Richard Jerome wrote in a recent special edition of Time magazine dedicated to creativity: Other creatures may be bigger or badder, but only people imagine possibilities — and make them happen. “The Science of Creativity,” Time magazine, March 2019. Human history is littered with examplesContinue reading “The power of ideas”