Teck talk: Reading between the lines of a CEO's letter + finding opportunity

It was a Sunday shocker to be sure. After nearly 10 years of effort to make the proposed Frontier oil sands project a reality, Canadian resources firm Teck announced suddenly it was taking its application for federal approval off the table. A lot has changed since the application was first submitted. The company’s application wasContinue reading “Teck talk: Reading between the lines of a CEO's letter + finding opportunity”

Navigating the politics of Canada's rail blockades

With protesting blocking major Canadian rail arteries now entering their third week, pressure is mounting for a solution. Despite restarting service on some routes yesterday, VIA Rail temporarily laid off 1,000 of its employees. Those lay-offs are on top of the 450 announced by CN earlier this week. Job losses and other economic costs mountContinue reading “Navigating the politics of Canada's rail blockades”

In a leadership vacuum, speak up + seize the narrative

That it should come to this… That’s the headline to which Canadians awoke this past Saturday morning. Granted, the National Post is not a fan of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, at the best of times. But Trudeau has had a particularly rough few weeks (and, at times, he hasn’t helped his own cause). SinceContinue reading “In a leadership vacuum, speak up + seize the narrative”

#CdnAgDay and ag-vocacy

Canada’s farmers and agri-food producers feed cities and people around the world. Beyond their vital contributions to Canada’s economy, their work also contributes to Canadians’ well-being. Despite all that, though, Canada’s farm families have had a very rough couple of years. Trade disputes, bad weather last season, and other factors have led to real hardshipContinue reading “#CdnAgDay and ag-vocacy”

The business of committees

The Hill is buzzing with activity this week. House of Commons committee membership lists are being finalized, and Chairs and Vice-Chairs being elected! (Pause for reaction) (Crickets) (Wait, are you actually *yawning?*) Okay, granted, this may seem like particularly process-nerdy, North-of-the-Queensway, inside baseball stuff. Like, OMG, what does that have to do with Canadians’ dailyContinue reading “The business of committees”

World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day – a day for awareness, education, action about a disease that still claims more than 9.6 million lives worldwide each year. That’s the entire population of Belarus. Every single person living in Bogota or Seoul. And that doesn’t include the millions more people fighting brave fights against cancer eachContinue reading “World Cancer Day”

NEWS RELEASE: January 30, 2020

WINSTON WILMONT LAUNCHES NEW WEB SERVICE FOR VISITORS TO OTTAWA, CANADA OTTAWA, ON (Jan. 8) – Visitors to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, now have a new e-tool to help them make the most of their time in our vibrant, growing city. Winston Wilmont, the bilingual, Ottawa-based public affairs consultancy, is today launching http://www.capital-concierge.ca. Capital Concierge by WinstonContinue reading “NEWS RELEASE: January 30, 2020”

On visit & event management: We've got your back

It felt like an a-ha moment. I was sitting recently with the commercial counsellor at an embassy based here in Ottawa. She mentioned an upcoming trade mission she is organizing. More than a dozen high-level industry leaders will be coming to Ottawa later this year looking for ways to strengthen ties with, and grow theirContinue reading “On visit & event management: We've got your back”

On media relations & issues management: We've got your back

Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine was having a really bad week. Likely the worst week of his professional life. He had done some admittedly dumb stuff years ago. It was stuff he’d grown to regret because he had matured and he had long since changed his ways. He had the benefit of hindsight,Continue reading “On media relations & issues management: We've got your back”

On Advocacy: We've got your back

Letting you in on a little secret: Our president, Chris, hates braggards…and he isn’t terribly good at talking himself up. He’s always preferred – and excelled at –telling others’ stories. He loves rallying people to a cause. Moving people to act. He’s great at connecting people and opportunities. In other words, advocacy is his jam.Continue reading “On Advocacy: We've got your back”