On Strategy: We've got your back

Businesses have been told to adapt or die since the turn of the millennium (at least), with those that fail being swept into the ‘dustbins of oblivion.’ Since then, the pace of STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political) change has only increased. The need to adapt is even less of a choice today; it’sContinue reading “On Strategy: We've got your back”

NEWS RELEASE: January 8, 2020

WINSTON WILMONT RECIEVES IMPORTANT, PRESTIGIOUS CERTIFICATION OTTAWA, ON (Jan. 8) – Winston Wilmont’s journey as a supplier of choice to purpose-driven organizations that want to change the world for the better today takes a major step forward. The bilingual, Ottawa-based public affairs consultancy is now certified by Canadian Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) asContinue reading “NEWS RELEASE: January 8, 2020”

On Hindsight, Hard Work + Appreciation

This past fall, my partner and I crossed an item off our travel ‘bucket list’ by spending three fabulous weeks touring Japan. Japan didn’t disappoint: it’s marvelously rich with history and culture. We got to see a lot of it firsthand. One place that really impressed me is Yamadera — a cluster of Buddhist shrinesContinue reading “On Hindsight, Hard Work + Appreciation”

The coming Parliament

Canadians have spoken. Unwilling to give any federal party the power that comes with a parliamentary majority, Canada’s political leaders will have to work together to move agendas forward and get anything done. Party leaders of all stripes are doing post-mortems on their campaigns. What worked, what didn’t – it will all be dissected andContinue reading “The coming Parliament”

The power of ideas

Ideas power change. Big ideas can change the world. As Richard Jerome wrote in a recent special edition of Time magazine dedicated to creativity: Other creatures may be bigger or badder, but only people imagine possibilities — and make them happen. “The Science of Creativity,” Time magazine, March 2019. Human history is littered with examplesContinue reading “The power of ideas”

Three (full) months on…

…Thank you! If you’re reading this, it means you’re part of my now three-month-old journey of full-time self-employment. You’ve stopped by my site, followed me on social, dropped a line of encouragement, acted as a sounding board, offered counsel or assistance. You’ve helped. So, thank you. The past three months have flown by. I haveContinue reading “Three (full) months on…”

The power of storytelling

Does this goldfish look smug to you? She might have good reason to be. At 9 seconds, the attention span of the once-lowly goldfish is now longer than the average adult person’s (8 seconds), according to a 2015 study. While that study could be more fish tale than fact, there’s no denying that modern attentionContinue reading “The power of storytelling”

News Release: June 3, 2019

WINSTON WILMONT FORGES NEW STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS OTTAWA, ON (June 3) – Winston Wilmont is going global. Building on our national and international experience, Winston Wilmont President Chris Day today announces a strategic partnership with Las Vegas’ Magellan Marketing and Ottawa’s Tiger Lily Marketing. The announcement comes as Tiger Lily Founder and CEO Kimothy Walker pitchesContinue reading “News Release: June 3, 2019”

Brand and the customer experience

Brand is holistic. Much more than a name, logo, or tagline, brand involves people’s every experience and perception. While brand is a business’s most important asset, your brand is for your audiences first. Ultimately, it lives (or dies) based on how those audiences feel. So the customer experience today is vital to brand promotion andContinue reading “Brand and the customer experience”

What’s in a name? A lot.

Brand is everything for a business. It’s not only a business’s most fundamental asset – something to be protected at all costs. It is also expressed in, shaped by, and subject to every single interaction a business has with its customers. Brand is a holistic thing. It’s how people feel about your products and services.Continue reading “What’s in a name? A lot.”