About you


You have big dreams.

You want to change the world.

You know in your bones that your organization can help improve people’s lives.

But you’ve hit a wall.

People don’t know enough about you or what you do. Or they’re just not getting it.

You’ve got too many things competing for your time and taking away from your ability to run your business.

You’ve started to doubt your ability to scale and succeed.

You’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused about where to turn.

That big, expensive PR and GR firm you hired last time didn’t take the time to get you know you and your business. They treated you like just another client. Like anyone else.

But you are not like anyone else.

You’ve got specific needs and wants, unique challenges and concerns.

Your realities are yours alone, not anyone else’s.

You need someone who *gets* you and your organization.

You need a public affairs partner who has your back, and who will work as hard as you do to change the world for the better.

Because people should know what you do. Your success should change the world.

Winston Wilmont is there for you. We’ve got your back.

We have the public affairs knowledge and expertise to add real value to any project we work on, and to help you find success – however you define it.

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