From defence to offence: Posture change needed in the COVID-19 fight

It’s amazing where conversations with really smart people will lead.

A few weeks back, our president, Chris, spoke with Dr. Paul Lem, a microbiologist by training who is also CEO of a company called Spartan Bioscience.

Dr. Lem was leading a corporate pivot to mass-produce mini-test kits that can give COVID-19 results in minutes, not days (which is what it takes to get results from traditional – polymerase chain reaction, or PCR – test labs).

That conversation led to a number of others and some reflections on Chris’ own time at senior levels of federal and municipal governments.

And that eventually led to this column published today in the National Post.

If you and your organization are doing something to assist in the fight against COVID-19, we would love to hear it about it and get it the attention (and possibly funding) your efforts deserve.

Going on the offence in the face of this generational challenge is a whole lot more satisfying that sitting back and taking what comes.

And, you never know where the conversation will lead.

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