Parliament, politics + pandemic

Canadians awoke this morning to news that their Parliament worked as their Parliament should – in their interests.

An all-party political deal reached overnight allowed for expedited passage of a COVID-related stimulus package through the House of Commons. The Senate considered it during the morning and by 1:30 this afternoon it had received royal assent.

In extraordinary times, an extraordinarily swift agreement. And an extraordinarily rare showing of unanimity (a rather large speed bump in the road, aside).

The legislation contains an array of measures for individuals and businesses.

The government is pledging to get cheques to those who need the support most within days.

It is also promising more to come, including support for businesses who are willing to shift their operations to COVID-19 cure and prevention efforts.

Ontario’s provincial government has made similar pledges. And today, as the federal government celebrated passage of its stimulus package, the Doug Ford government unveiled an economic and fiscal update that included COVID-combatting measures of its own.

Making the most of these stimulus programs (and the opportunities of this extraordinary time) requires swift action and smart pivots by organizational leaders – regardless of sector.

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These are, indeed, extraordinary times. They call for extraordinary measures on the part of leaders everywhere.

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