The world is your oyster : We’ve got your back

By far the #1 reason our president, Chris, loves to travel is for the learning.

Seeing first-hand where and how people live/work/play. Getting close-up to what is important to them. Tasting daily life — challenges and all. That’s the power of travel done right.

Working with embassies also provides great learning opportunities – for us and for our clients. It’s a chance to build bridges, to find solutions and mutual benefit, to make a difference, and to create value in new and interesting ways. That’s the power of advocacy done right.

Ottawa is home to more than 125 foreign missions – just one of the great attributes of being a G-7 capital.

If you have business or potential opportunity abroad, chances are good we can find you people here who can help. You just need to know how to go about it. That’s where we come in.

Recently, we were honoured to be invited a national day event by contacts at the embassy of the Dominican Republic to Canada.

We had done some work on behalf of a client who is doing some amazing things in that country, and will soon employ 800 people there (while providing education and health benefits for employees’ families).

They were having a slight issue getting a permit. We helped them resolve that. That’s what we do.

But the key to going further and doing more is in building relationships. And that’s why being invited to the national day event was so meaningful.

It was an opportunity to meet the ambassador for the first time, other embassy staff, and people from Canada’s diplomatic service who are responsible for further strengthening relations with that country.

The conversations we had were very enlightening, and may allow us – and our client – to do even more, sooner and more smoothly than would otherwise be possible.

Long story short, there was value in deepening the relationships with people in that room.

Our approach, our advocacy will help get things done.

We can help you and your organization do something similar – in a way that is unique to you.

Let’s discuss what that could mean. Get in touch today.

The world is your oyster. We’ve got your back.

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