#CdnAgDay and ag-vocacy

Canada’s farmers and agri-food producers feed cities and people around the world.

Beyond their vital contributions to Canada’s economy, their work also contributes to Canadians’ well-being.

Despite all that, though, Canada’s farm families have had a very rough couple of years.

Trade disputes, bad weather last season, and other factors have led to real hardship on several fronts.

Winston Wilmont knows this because we are proud to have worked with several associations and organizations involved in getting Canada’s top-quality agriculture and agrifood products to the world.

Now that House committees are struck, policies surrounding and programs supporting agriculture and agri-trade can again be advocated and studied.

Now is also the time to make the case for specific assistance in the upcoming federal budget.

If you have a case to be made to federal decision-makers, we would love to work with you. When it comes to ag-vocacy, we’ve got your back.

And when if comes to farmers, agri-food producers, and their families, we give thanks every day of the year.

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