On visit & event management: We’ve got your back

It felt like an a-ha moment.

I was sitting recently with the commercial counsellor at an embassy based here in Ottawa.

She mentioned an upcoming trade mission she is organizing.

More than a dozen high-level industry leaders will be coming to Ottawa later this year looking for ways to strengthen ties with, and grow their businesses in, Canada.

Organizing and ensuring that each participant gets the most out of such events is a *LOT* of work.

My embassy friend knows this well.

When I said, ‘I can help you with that.’ She asked: ‘how?’

I proceeded to give her a couple of examples of how we might connect and support different participants.

‘It’s part of what I do,’ I told her. ‘I connect people.’ (I also love to show off my hometown to visitors.)

Back to the ‘a-ha’ moment. For my friend, it was learning that there are people ‘out there’ that can support her. For me, it was that I’d not done enough to let people know about that aspect of my consultancy.

And so, today, we are launching a new website devoted entirely to visit and event management.

Please click on www.capital-concierge.ca to check it out.

You will hopefully be hearing much more about it in the coming weeks and months, because it fills a need that is absolutely out there in a G-7 capital like Ottawa.

Canada’s international trade agreements give us unparalled market access but we’ve not yet exploited that fully. Capital Concierge can help.

We have more and more visitors coming to our city, and they’re looking to make the most of their time here. Capital Concierge can help.

Ottawa Tourism, Invest Ottawa, and the Shaw Centre have set out some laudable objectives with the Think Ottawa campaign. Capital Concierge can help.

And when you look at the luxury travel trends for 2020, they include personalization, learning from locals, up-skilling, and off-season surprises. Capital Concierge can help.

Capital Concierge by Winston Wilmont operates at the intersection of business and leisure travel.

It’s about customized itineraries and individual support to make the most out of every minute a traveller (and her/his co-travellers) will spend in our city.

It’s about connecting visiting business travellers with potential clients, policy- and law-makers, and other stakeholders to deepen relationships and grow our economy.  

It’s about creating meaningful, authentic experiences whilst here, and memories that people will rave about once they’re home.

Working with visitors to meet their needs and wants, while also exposing them to experiences and opportunities they won’t get anywhere else…THAT is what it is all about.

Each traveller is different, and so our support to each with be different.

But the key takeaway is this: when it comes to making the most of a visit here, we’ve got your back.

The potential is enormous. A-ha moments await. Get in touch today.

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