On Strategy: We’ve got your back

Businesses have been told to adapt or die since the turn of the millennium (at least), with those that fail being swept into the ‘dustbins of oblivion.’

Since then, the pace of STEEP (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political) change has only increased.

The need to adapt is even less of a choice today; it’s essential – for organizations of all types.

Having a plan that helps navigate the choppy waters of change is more critical than ever.

That’s where good organizational strategy comes in.

As a leader, people look to you to set the course. But, in reality, strategy is most effective when it is owned by everyone in your organization and when it speaks to the external folks who are counting on you as well.

And *THAT* is where we can help.

Getting strategy right is vital, but tough.

It takes time, energy, and effort. It requires people to be clear-eyed and open-minded in challenging assumptions. It involves ‘thinking big’ and asking tough questions. Often, it can also require difficult choices.

It’s for all these reasons (and more) that an estimated 90% of organizations fail to execute on their strategies.

We can help you be in the 10 per cent that do strategy right.

We’ve helped organizations of varying sizes and from different sectors through strategy-setting processes, from planning to execution.

We’ve led the development of multi-year plans, and helped organizations set themselves up for success.

We’ve used different models, convened diverse groups of stakeholders, and helped turn ambition into action.

We have also led strategy rollouts and communications with key audiences – a key but sometimes overlooked component of effective strategy execution.

Your organization wants to change the world. We can help you craft a plan that will set you up for success. We’ll help you to get others see the vision. And we’ll give you the tools to keep competitors at bay.

Strategy, after all, is intensely competitive. It’s about making choices, and playing to win.

The first step is a conversation with us. Let’s have that chat today, and let’s get you on the path to strategy success.

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