The power of ideas

Ideas power change. Big ideas can change the world.

As Richard Jerome wrote in a recent special edition of Time magazine dedicated to creativity:

Other creatures may be bigger or badder, but only people imagine possibilities — and make them happen.

“The Science of Creativity,” Time magazine, March 2019.

Human history is littered with examples of powerful ideas – good and bad – across every field of endeavour.

Arts. Politics. Science. Medicine. Invention. Commerce.

The list goes on…

Progress springs from an innate human trait: productive creativity.

People can harness our curiosity, consider new and different ways of doing something, and make things better (or worse). But the fact remains: ideas power change.

I have been very fortunate over the course of my life to meet and know some truly incredible, brilliant, and inspiring people.

Ideas people.

People from all different backgrounds, with very different perspectives and approaches, who have used productive creativity to do amazing things – each in her or his on way. In their communities, and well beyond.

Thinkers. Doers. Makers. Disruptors.

It’s the ideas people that have historically changed the world, and it’s those same people that will power it forward.

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