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Anyone who’s travelled with me knows I love solo morning walks on the beach.

They are, for me, moments of quiet contemplation and deep introspection. In short, they are when I do some of my best thinking about life and living.

One recent walk confirmed for me a series of decisions that began with a jolt in February.

Courtesy: USGS

My partner JF and I were in Guayaquil, Ecuador having just scratched a visit to the Galapagos Islands off our travel bucket list. Early one morning, a powerful earthquake and several strong aftershocks rattled the city and sent us into the streets with shaken locals. (Ecuadorians experience frequent tremors so their concern was telling.)

While not a major event by any means, the quake did shake loose some thoughts that lead me to today.

As we left Guayaquil, I found myself thinking through a number of ‘what if’ questions. Ultimately, my answers to those questions over the days and weeks that followed compel me to make a professional change.

I started Winston Wilmont back in 2016 mainly as a side hustle. An opportunity to work with clients I like on projects of interest, here and there, where I could make a difference.

My main focus, though, was on my busy full-time gigs in senior leadership roles first in the health sector and most recently at Canada’s national housing agency. I loved both jobs, the people I worked with, and the purpose of each organization. I learned and grew professionally and personally. I was content.

That said, all those ‘what if’ questions of recent months have confirmed for me that I need to fuel my entrepreneurial passions. I need to stake out new ground.

Winston Wilmont will now be a full-time venture for me.

Whether it’s integrated marketing communications…public relations…government relations and regulatory affairs…issues management…events… I look forward to collaborating with great people and trailblazing organizations doing amazing things in their respective fields.

So, let’s chat…let’s explore what we can do together…and here’s to the journey ahead.

3 thoughts on “Next steps in the journey

  1. I love this!!!! Congratulations my friend. I will definitely sing your praises and recommend Winston Wilmont to all!! ♥️

  2. Chris all the best with your new adventure in self employment. You will work hard but have the satisfaction of being your own boss and making your own decisions.

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